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If you want to send some of the substances or materials mentioned in this section, OLVA gives you the alternative of making the sending in a cargo carrier or terrestrial.
If your sending has fragile or delicate

materials pack them properly and request the fragile sticker label.


All the services are insured with a policy of transport. The maximum amount of compensation is up to 10 times the base postage rate (not including IGV) only in case of loss or robbery.


If your sending is valuable we suggest taking the insurance. The insurance premium is 2% of the declared value. In case of a catastrophe the compensation will be 90% of the declared value.

To get information in detail enter to:


If you are mailing by air do not pack the following items:



Shining signals, spark rockets and other explosive..


Flammable solids and liquids

Fuel, paint, matches and fuel for lighters.
Domestic articles
Cleaners for drainages (pipe solvents and cleaner)
Compressed gases
Spray cans, butane fuel, diving tanks, propane tanks, oxygen bottles, auto flammable bags.

Firearms, ammunition, gunpowder, tear gas or pepper spray.

Other dangerous materials

Dry ice, tools or instruments that work with gasoline, batteries, equipment camping with fuel, radio-active materials (even radio-active medical), poisons, infectious substances.