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Dear Customer, to instruct you in the use of our service, we have clauses that figure in the reverse part of the invoice printed and it describes the following:




The holding and reception of the present document implies that THE CUSTOMER and OLVA COURIER S.A.C., from now on THE COMPANY, have suited the following conditions

THE COMPANY receives from THE CUSTOMER an envelope, box or package absolutely closed and its responsibility is to send it to the indicated destination in the briefest term. This sending depends on the space available in the transportation used (terrestrial or air). The price for the service is the one printed on the corresponding invoice.

If the envelope, box or package contains any document or item of value (check, promissory note, jewels, crystal, appliances or others), it’s THE CUSTOMER’s obligation to insure it attaching the remission guide, voucher or content list and pay the 2% of the declared value. In the event of catastrophe, loss or robbery, the amount of the compensation is up to 90% of the total declared.

The declaration that THE CUSTOMER can make about the content of envelopes, boxes or packages to transport and gave properly closed to THE COMPANY is a unilateral declaration that is not verified by THE COMPANY, for respect of the constitutional law to the privacy and for not incurring in violation of the correspondence.

However, according to current legal dispositions of the Dirección General de Correos (General Mail Direction), THE COMPANY reserves the right of requesting to THE CUSTOMER to open up personally the envelopes, packages or boxes to be sent to make sure that its content doesn't transgress the law prohibitions. Once this verification is made, THE CUSTOMER will also be requested to close personally his/her sending.

In case THE CUSTOMER refuses to open up the envelopes, packages or boxes to be sent, this fact will be subscribed in document by THE CUSTOMER. If there is any track that the envelope, package or box contains forbidden articles for transport, THE COMPANY is not in the obligation of accepting it. If THE CUSTOMER insists or demands its transportation, this fact and the reasons for refusing the transportation will be notified to the corresponding police and/or administrative authority.

The envelopes, boxes or packages received properly closed and whose contents have not been declared, being THE CUSTOMER the one who disobey his/her obligation of assuring them and he/she decides voluntarily to assume the risk; in case of loss, robbery or catastrophe, THE COMPANY will only refund according to the law of railroads or a policy of transport up to 10 times the base postage rate (not including IGV) established in the invoice for free will of THE CUSTOMER.

THE CUSTOMER is forbidden for transporting money cash, any kind of weapons, ammunition, flammable, explosive, corrosive, toxic or dangerous materials as well as infectious substances, meats, fish and any kind of species alive whose commercialization, holding or transport is forbidden or restricted. THE CUSTOMER is responsible for any damage caused to OLVA COURIER or a third party.

In addition, THE COMPANY is not responsible for the transportation of perishable items or with expiration in short term, like medicines that require special maintenance conditions (permanently refrigerated) or whose expiration is in one or two days counting from the date of reception, according to the eventualities mentioned in the second paragraph.

THE COMPANY neither takes the responsibility for sending (exclusively envelopes with documents) that require to arrive to its destination in one or more days computed from its reception and whose delay can cause to THE CUSTOMER: a) the impossibility of participating in selection processes with the public and/or private administration; b) pecuniary sanctions or of another nature, in attention to contracts subscribed with public and/or private entities; c) the expiration of the judicial and/or administrative terms; in reason to the eventualities mentioned in the second paragraph and not being proportional to the offered services.

It is recommended for THE CUSTOMER (in case to insist in the service of sending mails whose characteristics correspond to the precedent clause), to use the SPECIAL SERVICE OF URGENT MAIL.