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This group of solutions has the following particular advantages:

  • Pick up and deliver to domicile.
  • Personal properly qualified.
  • Customized attention.
  • Warehouse of 2,000 square meters.
  • The most flexible attention schedules in the market.
  • 8 offices branches strategically located in the county of Lima .
  • 278 legally incorporated representations in the whole national territory, This allows us to deliver in more than thousand destinations.
  • Discounted rates and credit according to the volume of mail.
  • Return of signature confirmation and remission guides properly signed and/or sealed.
  • Packing without cost (pouched, cardboard and plasticized), and also the availability of materials like envelopes, glue, scissors, markers, etc. in all of our offices branches.
  • Special packing (wooden cages) at very economic prices.
  • Our personnel is properly identified with his/her fotocheck.
  • Daily, weekly or monthly delivery report according to the volume of mail and customer’s request.
  • On real time Communication Systems among all our offices.