Summary of the company

At OLVA COURIER we know that if we add quality to the service, we obtain excellence. And excellence for us is to worry about exceeding and improving everything that a customer expects to receive or obtain, and we know that in order to be an excellent company we must achieve personal and individual quality, be better, strive for more, like oneself better, which implies assuming positive values and skills.

For OLVA COURIER service is our way of working: Assisting, worrying, solving problems, having positive attitudes, living with values are part of our daily routine.

Our philosophy can be synthesized in two words service and quality.

Our Mission

  • That Olva Courier be recognized as a World-Class company, providing high quality logistics and communication solutions, with the commitment of our national representatives and with our own ground and air fleet in the national scope and entering the international market through its own branches and franchises, based on the philosophy of service with social responsibility and preservation of the environment.

Our Mission


  • Providing comprehensive logistics services through courier, parcel transport and collateral services, with quality, efficiency and according to your requirements.
  • Fulfilling your needs with excellence and ethics.
  • Providing business, marketing, system and strategic management advice.


  • Providing technical and economic facilities and a suitable work environment to promote personal and professional development.
  • Establishing regulations and procedures, functions and responsibilities, directions, strategic objectives, business and work philosophy, with a remuneration system appropriate to the productivity of each worker.
  • Complying with labor laws.


  • Long-term relationships, loyalty.
  • Complying with stipulated agreements: payments, formality.
  • Creating alliances to improve the processes or new products and services.


  • Profitability of the investments and profits.


  • That the Peruvian community feel that OLVA is contributing to the development of the country, creating jobs according to the growth of the company.
  • Compliance with laws and regulations.
  • Actions aimed at Corporate Social Responsibility and preservation of the environment.
How can we help you?

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How we work


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