Social Responsibility

At Olva Courier we firmly believe that social responsibility must be integrated into business management, seeking to generate a positive impact on all stakeholders.

Cooperation agreement with Aldeas Infantiles SOS Perú

Olva Courier supports the Recycling Program, developed by Aldeas Infantiles SOS and Kimberly –Clark, which aims to collect paper and cardboard (used) to be processed industrially, and obtain an economic retribution, which is designed to carry out works of social welfare in favor of children at risk, housed in the Aldeas Infantiles institution. The Agreement was signed on January 21, 2016. At the present time, we continue to collaborate with Aldeas Infantiles. The collection of paper and cardboard (used) is done through 8 containers, donated by Aldeas Infantiles, which are located in the Central Warehouse. So far we have donated 792.05 kilos of paper and cardboard (used)

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