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At OLVA COURIER we are convinced that effectively managing human talent is a key factor to ensure the development of our company and workers; that is why we have implemented a Human Resources Policy, which aims to ensure the attraction, retention and development of people.

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For Olva Courier human talent is the key to its success, so its management policies value the commitment of its workers, offering them an optimal work environment and a career line in the company.

Talent Olva

Carla Portocarrero Dávila
Area: CRM
Title: Head of CRM

I will work at Olva Courier as long as my development is possible and I achieve satisfaction and growth with what I do, feeling recognized and valued, as I feel until now.

” Olva is like a family, our approach is not only oriented to the external customer, the company also safeguards the well-being of the internal customer.

Carla Portocarrero, Head of CRM, has been working for 7 years at Olva Courier and during this time she has been achieving her personal and professional goals. First she entered as Customer Service Manager in the Call Center, later she took over another management where she was able to learn more about Olva’s operational processes, and currently she leads a team of executives.

Talent Olva

Brenda Soler Aliaga
Area: CRM
Title: CRM Account Executive

Brenda has four and a half years in Olva Courier, and feels that with the pass of the time she has taken the reins of her professional life.

” Olva helped me to develop my personal and profesional life.

” When I worked in the Call Center, there was something that struck me … There was going to be a reduction in personnel and in the interview that I had with the head of Human Resources of Olva, (to decide who was going to stay and who was going to leave), she told me that I was quite driven to do things but I did not follow through. From that, I knew that I had to take the reins of my life and here I go: I am studying marketing and Olva gave me the opportunity to do what I like the most that is to interact with people and do public relations.

Brenda now holds the position of CRM Account Executive, and manages the main accounts of Olva’s corporate customers.

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