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Shipping envelopes and packages in quantities greater than 70 envelopes and 30 packages. This service is perfect for distribution of invitations, marriages, fairs, etc.


  • The service is available for any of our stores nationwide, through our sales center 7140905.

General characteristics of the service

  • The average delivery time will depend on the number of shipments to be made and the destinations determined.
  • The A3, A2 and A1 size envelopes will be considered as packages due to their dimension. The envelopes of other sizes must have a maximum weight of 1.3 kilos; if they have a greater weight, they will also be considered as packages.
  • The maximum weight of a package is 25 kilos. We can receive a maximum of 8 packages of 25 kilos per service.
  • Weight volume is applied in case the packages’ size is greater than the weight.
  • The envelope or package can be received by anyone who is in the delivery address by presenting their valid National Identity Card.
  • This service must be accompanied by a database according to the model.

Pickup characteristics:

  • To schedule the pickup you must call 7140905, enter our website with the username and password or download our Olva Courier APP.
  • The maximum weight to schedule a pickup is 200 kilos.
  • Pickup schedule is from 12pm to 3pm. All requests for pickup must be made at least 4 hours in advance.
  • It is essential that the envelopes or packages are ready within the pickup schedule frame.
  • The pickup will have an additional cost, rate is S/.5.00

Delivery characteristics: 

  • Attached slips are accepted.
  • Delivery at home, office or Olva branch. (According to delivery address)
  • Up to 2 delivery attempts. After the second attempt it is returned to origin (Olva branch or Origin Address)
  • The delivery schedule is:
    • M-F: 8 am a 6 pm
    • S: 8 am a 1 pm

Tracking characteristics:

  • It allows Image Display
  • It allows tracking via WEB
  • It allows tracking by APP

Insurance characteristics:

  • Guarantee of up to 10 times the base rate without General Sales Tax in case of loss, theft or deterioration.
  • If the value of the product to be sent is higher than S/.150.00 the customer has to fill out an affidavit format.
  • If the value of the product is higher than S/.500.00 the customer has to pay a compulsory insurance of %0.6 of the value of the product and attach the affidavit format.

Service restrictions

  • Jewels, cash, firearms, purchase vouchers and living beings are not allowed.
  • If the shipment has been declared for a value higher than S/.500, up to 90% of the value of the product will be recognized.
  • Shipments with deadline: this type of shipments must be received by OLVA COURIER with at least 48 working hours in advance (Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays are not considered).

Preguntas Frecuentes

Usted puede solicitar, sin cargo adicional, el servicio de recojo de la correspondencia a enviar a su domicilio. Un operador calificado recogerá su correspondencia el mismo día de su solicitud. Si lo deseas también puede acercarse a cualquiera de nuestras trece sucursales en la provincia de Lima, o a una de nuestras 278 representaciones a nivel nacional. Si desea saber la ubicación de nuestras sucursales en Lima o a Nivel nacional ingresa aquí.

Si, para ello OLVA COURIER ha implementado el servicio COLLECT, mediante le cual Ud. realiza el envío y el costo del servicio lo cancela la persona o empresa que recibe la correspondencia al momento de hacer efectiva la entrega. Este servicio esta habilitado para todos los destinos nacionales, salvo algunas excepciones. Infórmese aquí sobre los destinos de cobertura collect. También puede llamar nuestra central 7140909 donde será debidamente informado sobre este y otros servicios.

Si, todos los envíos están asegurados con una póliza de transporte hasta por un monto máximo equivalente a 10 veces la tarifa base (sin incluir IGV) en caso de pérdida, robo o destrucción.

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